OpenAi to Launch Multimodal GPT 4 This Week

14 March 2023
by Archie Williamson
1 min
OpenAi to Launch Multimodal GPT 4 This Week

Are you ready for another AI chatbot revolution?

Just months after ChatGPT took the tech world by storm, its creator OpenAI is set to blow minds once again with the release of the next-generation GPT-4 language model.

The new release makes the previous GPT-3 look rather quaint in comparison, as it will be able to work from text, speech, images and videos.

The use of multiple inputs makes it “multimodal”, in contrast to GPT-3, which only has a single input – text.

News of its upcoming release was confirmed by Microsoft’s chief tech officer, Andreas Braun, who said it should launch before Friday (16 March).

Exact details about the functionality of GPT-4 are not clear but it sounds very exciting from a few references Microsoft alluded to.

The tech giant, which has invested billions into OpenAI in recent years, says multimodal AI will be able to turn music into video.

It will also provide responses in different languages to the initial input.

The report noted: “…the technology has come so far that it basically “works in all languages”: You can ask a question in German and get an answer in Italian.”

News of the imminent release of GPT-4 may worry Google, who recently sounded an internal code red amid concerns its search engine is not evolving fast enough for changing tech and consumer demands.

Microsoft has already started implementing ChatGPT features into Bing, which prompted Google to launch its own chatbot service called Bard.

Considering the acclaim ChatGPT received from both tech enthusiasts and mainstream audiences, it will be interesting to see how the next-gen model shakes things up this time around.


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