In addition to our in-house staff, Atlas SEO works with freelancers on a range of projects to help fulfil our content objectives.


In addition to our in-house staffing, we work with a wide range of trusted freelance partners. Our freelance partners include:

  • Writers: Creators who work with our Content Executives to produce copy to a brief provided by us.
  • Editors: Proof-readers who ensure flawless grammar, punctuation and syntax, and give us feedback on writing quality.
  • Translators: Non-English speakers who translate and transliterate our content for audiences in other territories.
  • Actors and Videographers: Produce video content for us, whether in front of the camera or behind it, editing what we produce.

Want to know what we are like to work with? See some testimonials from our current pool of freelance partners below:

“I started collaborating with Atlas SEO in 2021 and it is always a pleasure: friendly communications, clear instructions and requirements, doable deadlines, and payments in a timely manner. A classic struggle for freelancers is finding reliable and constant clients, and Atlas SEO clearly fits the category.”

Alicia Rodriguez

"I’ve been working with the Atlas SEO team for more than two years and they are without doubt among the best in their field. They continue to deliver high-quality content and are a delight to work with."

Thomas Grønvold, Marleigh Media AS