Bing’s Search Results Saw Biggest Jump in Relevancy in 20 Years

13 February 2023
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Bing’s Search Results Saw Biggest Jump in Relevancy in 20 Years

Microsoft says Bing recently saw its biggest jump in relevancy in 20 years after applying ChatGPT features to its search engine model.

Just days after Microsoft lifted the lid on its new AI-powered search experience, Microsoft’s vice president Yusuf Mehdi revealed recent changes have transformed the quality of SERPs.

Yusuf used a visual chart to highlight the significant boost in the relevance of its Core Search Index after applying the new model behind the scenes.

Eagle-eyed SEOs had already spotted a notable Bing ranking update in mid-January, which is almost certainly related to Microsoft’s rollout of new features.

Last week, the tech giant spoke about those features at a special press event.

Bing showed off a brand new ChatGPT-based interface, which informs users that they can now get detailed and accurate answers to “real” queries.

The responses can go beyond basic Q&As, too, as Bing can create content and rewrite code.

ChatGPT has wowed the tech world and consumers alike since its release in November, and Microsoft wasted no time in spotting its potential for search engines.

In addition to new features, Microsoft has applied AI to its core engine to improve the overall quality of results.

Microsoft has named the model ‘Prometheus’ and claims the new integration will improve geolocation, safety, relevancy and freshness.

It all adds up to an experience that is a clear step above the previous version of Bing.

Not everyone is convinced, though.

Renowned YouTuber Marques Brownlee asked his Twitter audience whether they would rather use Bing with ChatGPT or Google’s current offering, and the majority voted for the latter.


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