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Charles Hodge

Charles Hodge

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Charles is one of the founding members of Atlas SEO and takes responsibility for business development and client management. He also oversees the management of our Outreach and Display Advertising departments.

Charles has been in the SEO industry for over a decade, having fallen in love with the ability to adapt new tools, technologies and techniques to craft out-of-the-box solutions to almost any problem.

His vision for Atlas SEO is a place for clients to find something new – an agency that puts the relationship with the client at the very heart of everything we do.

Outside of the office, Charles is an avid chess player, quickly increasing his ELO since taking up the game - particularly focused on the rapid and blitz variants. A proponent of the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ philosophy, tennis occupies much of his weekends, as a social way to keep fit.


LinkedIn: Charles Hodge