Instagram Adds New Trending Tool and Insights Analytics to Reels

17 April 2023
by Annie-Mai Hodge
1 min
Instagram Adds New Trending Tool and Insights Analytics to Reels

Instagram has added new trending and insights tools to Reels to help creators drive more engagement from the short-form video feature.

In a nod to TikTok’s recent Creative Center update, Instagram will now show the most popular audio clips and hashtags within the Reels Trends section of the Professional Dashboard.

Users can now see how often these elements have been used in videos and click on them to add them to content or save them for later.

“Creators are always looking to discover fresh content ideas, so now we’re adding a dedicated destination for you to be inspired by the latest trends,” Instagram notes.

The ability to tap into trending songs and hashtags will allow brands to publish more engaging and relevant videos to target audiences.

Instagram has also fleshed out its insights section with new metrics for the total and average watch time.

The social media giant advises creators to develop a “stronger hook” during videos to keep viewers engaged for longer.

That objective should be made slightly easier by Instagram’s redesigned and streamlined editing hub.

Users will now be able to jump into and edit video clips, audio, stickers and text in a single video composer screen, rather than having to swipe back and forth between windows.

Instagram says this will assist creators in their quest to put out “standout” clips.

A final update to Reels sees gifting made more visible so creators can more easily see which fans have been providing financial support.

Instagram announced the updates on Friday (14 April) so you should be seeing the overhauled Reels experience in the app right now.


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