TikTok’s New Keyword Insights Tool Helps Brands Create Targeted Content

10 March 2023
by Annie-Mai Hodge
1 min
TikTok’s New Keyword Insights Tool Helps Brands Create Targeted Content

TikTok has added a new Keyword Insights tool to remove what it claims is one of the “biggest obstacles” to crafting high-quality video and ad content.

With such intense competition for views and clicks on the short-form video-sharing platform, a targeted keyword strategy can make all the difference.

The new tool in the Creative Center now allows users to search for trending script keywords for specific target audiences and industries.

Keyword Insights lists these keywords in chart-based format with an official ranking and relevant metrics, including overall popularity and click-through rates.

The keywords at the top of the rankings have performed best in ads on TikTok during the last seven days, though users can filter based on different time frames.

A “details” menu also provides more information about these terms, such as where it has been used and in what context.

This allows users to see whether a keyword has worked best as text or as a voiceover in a video, for example.

The new tool should be an excellent resource for tapping into recent trends and buzzy keywords, which can help ad campaigns and organic video content creation.

TikTok notes: “Browse keywords that have appeared in real, successful ad campaigns. Then watch the ads themselves for ideas about how to incorporate those keywords into your script, ad text and overlays.”

The changes come just days after TikTok started testing its own search ads platform as it continues positioning itself as a viable alternative to Google in the search engine space.

With four in ten young people using the platform to find new content, the platform will enable brands to boost visibility with paid campaigns linked to specific keywords and phrases.


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