Twitter Launches New Ad Campaign for Live Audio Format Spaces

20 May 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Twitter Launches New Ad Campaign for Live Audio Format Spaces

Twitter says its live conversation format, Spaces, can drive follower growth by 17% in just three months, as it begins a new promotional campaign for audio content on the platform.

Twitter Spaces launched around 18 months ago but it hasn’t exactly been a hit, due to marketers and users generally preferring to post traditional written tweets with images and videos.

Twitter is still determined to give audio social content another push and it launched a new ad campaign this week, highlighting the usefulness of “real live audio convos” in different environments.

For brands, using Twitter Spaces to host a roundtable of industry leaders and showcase thought leadership could be beneficial, though users have complained that is often difficult to find valuable discussions.

The addition of topic tags has helped in this regard, which improves discovery in the Spaces tab section of the Twitter app.

Rather than roll out new features, Twitter is instead focusing on metrics and how Spaces can increase awareness and support other forms of content creation.

It shared a few compelling data points, with Spaces boosting follower growth by 10% over two months when an audio discussion is hosted at least twice each month.

This improves further to 17% during each quarter, which isn’t a massive bump but it could help marketers to reach and engage with new audiences.

Twitter director Antonia Baker says the format can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as a new product or service launch, or merely talking about trending news and topics.

She added: “As more and more people tap into Spaces, we’re highlighting some of the most familiar voices to continue driving awareness around it and encourage everyone to join in on the conversations.”

Twitter says it will soon publish a series of tutorials and best practices for Spaces, within a new educational hub.


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