TikToks Audience Insights Helps Content Creators Target New Audiences

18 November 2022
by Annie-Mai Hodge
1 min
TikToks Audience Insights Helps Content Creators Target New Audiences

TikTok is helping content creators and advertisers target different demographics and new audiences with the launch of a new insights tool, complete with filters and intuitive workflows.

The ‘Audience Insights’ feature allows businesses to see a complete breakdown of their audiences based on categories such as age, gender, country, usage behaviour and interests.

TikTok says this information can help marketers to find inspiration for creative efforts, as well as empower advertisers to better scale their campaigns and maximise results.

The new filters can be accessed within the ‘Reporting’ section of Ads Manager in TikTok, where users will be able to filter audiences based on their preferences.

There are a number of different categorisation options here, including a handy ‘hashtags interactions’ filter which shows audiences that have engaged with a specific tag.

TikTok has advised businesses to be on the lookout for surprising or unexpected interest in each of these categories and to then experiment with new targeting options.

It notes: “For example, the data may show that the beauty advertiser’s audience is also interested in apparel and accessories, or in-app games.”

These insights can also then be used to inform creative strategies for new videos.

TikTok added that the new data addressed some of the challenges that businesses may have faced on the platform, such as finding out whether target audiences are active and what they are interested in.

Also, that these insights essentially bring an “audience persona to life” for the first time.

Brands can start experimenting with Audience Insights right now as the feature has already launched on TikTok globally.


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