TikTok Has Major Influence on Customers’ Purchase Journeys, Study Finds

17 June 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
TikTok Has Major Influence on Customers’ Purchase Journeys, Study Finds

TikTok is the primary destination for consumers to research products they want to buy, according to a new study that takes a closer look at how the social media app supports buyer journeys.

The second part of the “Path-to-Purchase Report” published by TikTok and Material is yet more evidence of how important the platform is for B2C audiences.

Perhaps most surprising, considering its status as a relative social media newbie, is the fact that users are 56% more likely to research things they want on TikTok compared with other platforms.

That’s not just for smaller, less-expensive products or services either, as users are turning to the app to find out more about car and holiday purchases.

TikTok is very useful during the initial awareness phase of the cycle as six in 10 users say they find out about new brands and products on the app.

It can expedite the purchase process too as 44% say they have immediately bought something they have seen on the platform.

Brands hoping to boost awareness will be at home on TikTok as the rate of discovery is 1.1 times higher than its rivals.

While consumers love using TikTok for research, their journeys are not always linear.

Two-thirds continue their research on other online sites and platforms, while more than half visit a company’s in-store locations to compare products and find out more information.

There are more benefits for brands on the platform post-sale as a significant percentage amplifies positive word of mouth by recommending products to others and convincing them to buy them.

With TikTok playing a vital role in the purchase process, brands should focus on creating and implementing an effective video marketing strategy this summer.


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