Threads Attracts 30 Million Sign-Ups in the First 24 Hours

07 July 2023
by Annie-Mai Hodge
1 min
Threads Attracts 30 Million Sign-Ups in the First 24 Hours

Threads had a hugely successful first day after attracting 30m sign-ups, according to Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg.

The app went live at midnight on Thursday and quickly attracted scores of notable brands, celebrities and influencers.

Threads carries Instagram branding, and the ease with which users could sign up and import their names and add existing followers has contributed to its popularity.

Threads’ success has not gone down well at Twitter HQ, though.

The rival app has threatened to sue Meta for allegedly stealing its “trade secrets” and copying features wholesale.

In a letter, a lawyer for Twitter said it plans to “strictly enforce its intellectual rights.”

Meta’s meteoric launch came just days after Twitter introduced read limits for posts.

Experts believe Threads could attract many disgruntled Twitter users who just want a stable and more “friendly” conversational social media app.

Meta has the resources to support and scale the platform moving forward too.

However, there has been criticism about privacy and security.

That’s because the app listing states that a user’s health, financial and browsing data could be collected.

And it’s not currently possible to delete a Threads profile without removing the associated Instagram account entirely.

In a statement to the BBC, Meta said this is a process that they were “working on”.

Despite the issues, it’s hard to ignore that Threads had a very impressive launch and that it is in a great position to steal Twitter’s thunder in the long term.

However, it will have to overcome EU regulatory concerns to make a truly global impact.

While Threads went live in the UK and 100 other countries, it has yet to launch on the continent.


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