Screaming Frog Integrates Google’s New API for Better Website Audits

07 February 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Screaming Frog Integrates Google’s New API for Better Website Audits

Screaming Frog has integrated Google’s new URL inspection API into its software and added seven new auditing filters to help SEOs identify problems with web pages.

Google announced last week that it was launching a new API for Search Console to deliver “programmatic access” to data from URLs for use with third-party applications and products.

Screaming Frog has wasted no time in integrating the API and the update looks to be a major one for SEOs conducting website audits, as there are now seven brand-new troubleshooting features available.

“We already have a few items planned, but wanted to get the basic feature including the most important items out there for users to enjoy quickly,” Screaming Frog said in a statement.

The main benefit of the integration is the ability to overlay indexing data from Search Console with crawling feedback in Screaming Frog.

Combining both sets of data in this way offers a more holistic view of key SEO processes and makes the data easier to act on.

A number of new auditing features will also throw up red flags and feedback.

These include handy “Page is Not Mobile Friendly”, “URL is Not on Google” and “AMP URL is Invalid” filters.

The “URL is on Google, But Has Issues” filter should also be very useful for more teething problems, with this flag showing pages that have been indexed and ranked, but may have usability or formatting problems.

Screaming Frog says it expects integration to improve over time, following feedback from users, and that there are more features likely to roll out in the future.


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