Organised and Proactive Marketers Are Much More Likely to Report Success

10 May 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Organised and Proactive Marketers Are Much More Likely to Report Success

Marketers who document their content creation and SEO strategies, and proactively plan campaigns are much more likely to achieve success than less organised peers, a new study by CoSchedule shows.

The survey of 500 professionals found organised marketers were around seven times more likely to hit key objectives and report success in 2021, which is a considerable jump from the figure back in 2018.

CoSchedule attributes the strengthening link between planning and success to recent disruptive factors, such as the pandemic and a volatile economic climate, which have required marketers to be more agile and proactive.

Creating a strategy and documenting it can ensure marketers stay on track and publish content even when they are faced with challenges like employee illnesses, team changes and quarantines.

“The findings continue to reinforce how important it is for marketers to plan ahead, get organized, and stay agile as things change,” said CoSchedule head of marketing, Nathan Ellering.

While agile marketers are 469% more likely to succeed, around a quarter of respondents said they still “rarely” or “never” implement processes or use project management systems that support agility.

When documenting strategies, listing objectives is crucial too, as “goal settings” see a 377% spike in success compared to peers who don’t have concrete objectives to aim for.

The study also highlighted the best performing content for successful marketers, with blog posts in the top three alongside social media ads and email marketing.

Ellering concluded that documenting strategies will more important than ever in 2022 as marketers continue to collaborate remotely.


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