Meta to Notify Facebook and Instagram Users About New Privacy Policies

30 May 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Meta to Notify Facebook and Instagram Users About New Privacy Policies

Meta will soon notify Facebook and Instagram users about an update to its privacy policies which will be “easier to understand” and clearer about how users’ data is processed.

Following recent criticism from regulators about Meta’s customer data usage, the company has decided to simplify its terms of conditions and make them more relevant for its products.

Meta, which was rebranded last year to reflect a laser focus on “building the metaverse”, is the owner of many brands, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and Workplace.

The new privacy policies will cover most but not all of these, with WhatsApp a notable absentee, though the messaging app did get its own privacy tweaks last year.

Users on platforms such as Facebook will soon be prompted to accept the new terms of service.

Meta’s chief privacy officer, Michel Protti, says these terms will “better explain what is expected from us and those who use our platforms”.

It appears that less convoluted information and simpler language are the main changes, rather than the introduction of comprehensive user controls.

However, social media users will be able to decide what adverts they see and who sees their own posts by default within a new intuitive interface.

Meta says the latest update won’t give them greater scope to collect, use and share data and it also reiterated the fact that they don’t sell anything to third parties.

The new privacy policies will come into effect on 26 July and Meta added that any users not willing to accept them “are free to leave our services”.

Reacting to the news, tech privacy expert Stephanie Hare said it was a step in the right direction but that the changes have been made mainly to appease regulators rather than help users.


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