Marketing News You Need to Know – 15th March 2024

15 March 2024
by Atlas SEO
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Marketing News You Need to Know – 15th March 2024

Google’s core update has already deindexed 800+ websites 

Google’s month-long core algorithm update is now well under way. The first casualties are websites with a high percentage of AI-generated content. Recent analyses have found that 800+ websites have already been entirely removed from search results. The consequences of “deindexing” are disastrous for sites; many will now see significant traffic and revenue losses. 

Google Business listings get another social update 

Google Business profiles now feature social media updates. After giving site owners the option to pin socials to listings in October last year, Google has added a new section that features recent posts from popular platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. These posts are auto-populated from connected profiles.

Gen Z’s thrift mentality keeps Facebook relevant

Facebook has never been cool for Gen Z – TikTok and YouTube have traditionally been the hot social spots for teenagers and young adults. But according to a New York Times article this week, youngsters are now using Facebook to “score some deals” and save money. Meta’s platform is the “best place” for this, with its marketplace and other features tailored for a “generation that loves thrift-shopping”.

LinkedIn expands content promotion

LinkedIn announced this week that businesses can sponsor organic posts published by anyone, not just verified employees. In a statement, LinkedIn said three-quarters of decision-makers use thought-leadership content as a yardstick for the “capabilities and competencies” of a business, more so than marketing materials and product sheets. It added: “The expansion of our Thought Leader Ads format to enable brands to showcase voices beyond their employees gives them a new way to reach their target audience with relevant information, like customer testimonials.” 

TikTok could be banned in the US

TikTok being banned in the US is back on the agenda. The US House of Representatives approved a bill this week that will require the ByteDance-owned app to be sold within six months or be shut down nationwide. The US is worried about the influence of China. The “Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act” is self-explanatory in its aims. The bill still needs approval from the US Senate before landing on President Joe Biden’s desk.

Are Core Web Vitals a ranking factor? 

Google added the Core Web Vitals to its Page Experience Documentation this week. The update made clear that the vitals, which are a set of “real-world” user experience metrics such as speed and interactivity, are used in its ranking systems. However, Google has contradicted that in its statements in the past, denying that they are a ranking factor. Will they confirm it shortly?

Insta expands visual sharing options

Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared a screenshot of a new “share more” caption on Instagram on Thursday. It appears that Instagram is now allowing users to share up to 15 videos or photos in carousels on the platform. 

TikTok enhances creator monetisation program

While TikTok’s future in the US looks precarious, it remains arguably the most popular short-form video content hub globally. To incentivise more creators to publish compelling content, TikTok expanded and updated its Effect Creator Rewards program this week. 33 new markets will get access, while eligibility criteria have been lowered. In a statement, it added: “[Our] updates to Effect Creator Rewards enhance opportunities for existing members and expand the program to more creators.”


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