Marketing News You Need to Know - 7th June 2024

07 June 2024
by Lydia Fox
2 mins
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Google’s Mobile-First Index Gets Final Deadline

Google’s seven-year mobile-first indexing initiative officially ended in October last year. However, a “small set of sites” have been crawled using the desktop Googlebot since then. SEO expert John Mueller has now confirmed a final deadline of 5 July for all sites. After that date, any web pages inaccessible via a smartphone will no longer be indexable.

Searchers Frustrated by the Quality of Google’s Results

A new study has found that 54% of users spend more time in Search compared to five years ago. That’s not a win for Google though; the vast majority are frustrated by the experience. Common issues include having to visit multiple websites to find the right content and scroll through a large number of links to get to the right destination. A fifth of those surveyed said they now look through a “lot more” results.

Instagram Tests Non-Skippable Adverts

Meta is testing a new “ad break” feature on Instagram. Unlike other formats, these ads cannot be scrolled or swiped past. Commenting on the trial, Instagram said: “We’re always testing formats that can drive value for advertisers." Screenshots of the new feature suggest it’s similar to non-skippable ads on other platforms. Only after a visual timer has ticked down to zero can users resume browsing.

Donald Trump Joins TikTok

It’s not been a great week for Donald Trump following his conviction at a New York court. However, he can take solace in a solid start for his new account on TikTok. The former US President’s first video racked up 6m likes. Trump is reportedly planning to use the platform to court young male voters with short-form videos on economic policy. His account already has 5.6m followers, which is far ahead of Joe Biden (361k), who joined TikTok in February.

Google’s AI Overviews Less Visible in Search Results

Google is showing AI Overviews much less often in search results. Just weeks after launching its rebranded AI-powered summaries for queries, Google says it has made adjustments due to “odd results” and unhelpful answers. Visibility of AI Overviews has now dropped below 15% for all queries. Research by BrightEdge has found that AI Overviews are most likely to show when there’s a Featured Snippet and when a user has asked a question. Visibility also fluctuates depending on the industry; healthcare is the most popular for AI-generated content.

Pinterest Study Calls for “Active” and “Passive” Ad Strategies

Pinterest says “active” and “passive” attention strategies are key to engaging audiences with ad campaigns. The social media app says active content sparks interest and awareness and should be followed by passive reminders that reinforce the message. Combining the two helps to deliver a more balanced and effective campaign. Pinterest also says its app is more successful at driving “total attention” compared to competitors.

YouTube Celebrates Pride Month with New Activations

Finally, social media sites are expected to celebrate Pride Month in June with new updates, features, and spotlighted posts. YouTube is currently showcasing LGBTQ+ creators and business owners with content on its channels and a new collection of shows and movies on YouTube TV.

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