Marketing News You Need to Know - 3rd May 2024

03 May 2024
by Atlas SEO
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Google’s March 2024 update is now fully rolled out

Google’s March 2024 core update has finally reached the finish line. Google confirmed this week that the first big algorithm update of the year fully rolled out on April 19 after a 45-day marathon. The update was bigger than usual, featuring “multiple core systems” changes. Google says it also resulted in a 45% reduction in low-quality content.

Pinterest’s monthly actives jump to 518m

Pinterest’s active user numbers are up. The image-sharing social media app’s latest performance update was encouraging there are 518 monthly active users (MAUs), a 20m jump from the 498m figure from the previous quarter. The “rest of the world” region did much of the heavy lifting with a 16% spike. There was also a 10% rise in Europe and a 3% increase in the US.

Google Ads to pause “low activity” keywords 

Google has informed Google Ads accounts that low-activity keywords will be paused from June 2024. Google defines inactive keywords as generating “zero impressions” during the last 13 months. It says the change will enable advertisers to focus on strategies “that drive results”.

Social media is the most in-demand marketing skill

LinkedIn’s latest Global Marketing Jobs Outlook report has outlined the most in-demand skills in the industry. Four in five CMOs are planning to hire this year. The most sought-after skills are social media marketing, search engine optimisation, Adobe Photoshop, email marketing and market research. Meanwhile, the fastest-growing skills include web3.js, A++ and Discord.

ccTLD domain structures dominate Google rankings

Websites with a ccTLD structure feature more prominently in search engine results. A new study by Search Engine Land found ccTLDs hold 56% of the top three positions in Google SERPs. A ccTLD is a top-level domain structure with a country code. In contrast, subdomains and subdirectories only account for 19% and 20% of the top three organic results, respectively.

TikTok settles Universal Music Group dispute

TikTok’s extensive music catalogue is safe after it settled a dispute with Universal Music Group. Millions of songs were pulled from the platform earlier this year after a row erupted regarding royalty payments. According to Universal, TikTok has agreed to “key changes” to how artists are remunerated for music used on the app.

Copilot is widely available in Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft’s AI push continues with a wider rollout of its Copilot tech across advertising. MS says the AI bot will help marketers and advertisers create assets and campaigns “easily and efficiently”. Spokesperson, Kya Sainsbury-Carter added: “We believe that generative AI can unlock productivity, boost creativity, and provide a real-time intelligent assistance to help you achieve your advertising goals.” 

Snapchat also goes big on generative AI

Snapchat also launched a plethora of generative AI features this week. The most eye-catching is a fashion edit for bitmojis powered by AI prompts. Snap says you can design digital garments with unique patterns by entering short descriptions into the app. Other updates include setting up reminders and alerts using the My AI chatbot and nostalgia-driven Lenses that transport users back to the 90s. Perhaps most useful is a new five-minute window for editing chats in DMs. The updates are live now.


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