LinkedIn Updates Algorithm to Promote Relevant and Productive Content

09 May 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
LinkedIn Updates Algorithm to Promote Relevant and Productive Content

LinkedIn is overhauling its ranking algorithm to reduce the number of low-quality posts and polls, and serve more content from thought leaders and industry experts on the platform.

In a blog post, LinkedIn said it had listened to feedback from its members during the last two years and wanted to make changes to its algorithm to keep feeds “relevant and productive”.

To achieve this objective, there will be a range of new controls and filters that will allow users to provide feedback about posts they aren’t interested in and decide how much political content they want to see.

LinkedIn also wants to amplify content that will “spark conversations and engaging discussions”.

The updated algorithm will be weighted more heavily in favour of news and insights from experts, leaders and creators who may be outside of people’s immediate network of contacts.

LinkedIn claims its users want to hear more from authoritative voices that they “don’t know personally” but can help them with their work or career.

Updates from within a user’s network will be more carefully curated too, with a focus on targeted activity that may be useful and trigger conversations.

This is a change from the current, more comprehensive coverage of activity for each connection, which can lead to things being shown that may not be of much value.

To keep feeds authentic, engagement-baiting posts that are published just to boost reach will also be less visible after feedback showed these were “misleading and frustrating” for users.

LinkedIn added: “We won’t be promoting this type of content and we encourage everyone in the community to focus on delivering reliable, credible and authentic content.”


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