LinkedIn Expands Live Events with New Audio Rooms

14 January 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
LinkedIn Expands Live Events with New Audio Rooms

LinkedIn says the number of Live Events on its app has increased 150% during the last year and it is catering to greater demand from businesses with the launch of a test for new audio rooms.

In the absence of physical events during the pandemic, many marketers have had to pivot to webinars and live conferences, and LinkedIn has been one of the most popular platforms for them.

While they already operate as valuable marketing activities for businesses, leaders and managers have also been able to use live video events to establish professional connections and showcase their expertise.

With this in mind, LinkedIn is planning to launch a new audio events platform which will act as a discussion round table with participants able to raise their hands virtually to speak and post likes if they are enjoying what they are hearing.

The UI for the new platform, which is similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, is intuitive with a panel for speakers “on stage” and another for those who are listening in.

The latest update by LinkedIn is part of an 18-month-long quest to improve the quality of its live audio tools, which supplement its live video options for business.

The platform hopes the new addition will make it easier for people to make professional connections and for leaders to come together for meetings and discussions.

It added: “Whether an event by a creator or page you follow, or a topic you’re passionate about, we will surface the events that will help you reach your career goals.”

The new audio rooms are currently being tested by insiders ahead of a wider rollout in the “coming months”.


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