Google Tests More Natural and Intuitive Search in Video Feature

20 December 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Google Tests More Natural and Intuitive Search in Video Feature

Google continues to expand the ways people can find content, with a new audio-based video search feature that is currently being tested in select regions.

In an official blog post, Google said it wants to introduce “more natural and intuitive” methods for search queries, after recognising that users have moved “well beyond” basic text inputs.

To support this aim, a new video search feature is now being tested in India, which allows users to find specific information mentioned during a video.

Just by clicking on a “search in video” bubble in search results, users will be able to jump straight to a specific point in the video by entering another word-based query.

Google used the example of a YouTube video about the Indian city, Agra, with an additional query about whether it covers another city, Fatehpur Sikri.

Just by entering another term, users can “quickly find” what they are looking for, without having to start again from scratch, according to Google.

While the feature is mainly being piloted in India, several SEO experts have already stated on Twitter they have seen it in US search results.

Blogger Glenn Gabe revealed how he used search in video to find a point in a video from John Mueller where he speaks about 404 errors.

When entering a query here, the feature highlights the text from the video and provides a time code so users can jump straight into the content at that exact point.

As the feature is currently only being tested, there is no indication whether it will be rolled out officially, but Google’s extensive coverage suggests that may be likely in the new year.


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