Google Launches Related Search for Content Feature in Adsense

18 March 2022
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Google Launches Related Search for Content Feature in Adsense

Google is giving publishers more ways to create “useful search experiences” and increase on-site engagement with the launch of a new ‘Related Search for Content’ ad unit for its AdSense program.

In a new “Introducing” blog post published on Wednesday (16th March), Google said it’s always looking to help publishers generate income via targeted ads and that the latest ad unit has officially rolled out to this end.

Related search for content will present users with a list of related search terms when they are browsing a website, which when clicked on, will take them to other relevant topics and content.

Google says: “As a result, Related search for content can help publishers increase site engagement – including site traffic, pageviews and ad impressions – and drive incremental revenue.”

The method that Google is using for these targeted ads is interesting too as it eschews user data in favour of “page content”.

Google calls this is a “privacy-preserving” solution and is another sign that the tech giant is moving more quickly to a topic-based targeting model for advertising.

Google revealed earlier this year that it is planning to end the use of tracking cookies which is a major step forward for user privacy.

Because the new feature is a part of Adsense, it will work on a pay-per-click basis.

That contrasts with more affordable methods like organic SEO services, but it can still be useful for those with tighter budgets when wielded in the right situations.

SEOs will also be interested to hear that Google is planning to end support for Universal Analytics by the middle of next year with Google Analytics 4 set to become the primary hub for tracking metrics.


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