Google Is Testing Desktop Search Results With AI Chat Bubbles

03 February 2023
by Archie Williamson
1 min
Google Is Testing Desktop Search Results With AI Chat Bubbles

Google is reportedly planning to launch a newly designed desktop search results page with AI chat bubbles.

CNBC has already had a sneak peek at Google’s plans to experiment with desktop SERPs, which is yet another sign that the industry is increasingly eager to incorporate chatbot features.

Reports last week claimed Google had sounded an internal “code red” following the release of ChatGPT and the shift towards alternative search apps like TikTok.

To make Search more relevant again, the new report claims Google may add five AI prompts below the search bar on desktop.

This space is currently taken up by “I’m Feeling Lucky”, a feature that is becoming somewhat outdated in an age of AI-powered assistance.

CNBC says users will see grey chat bubbles after entering a search query.

These bubbles will have “human-like responses” rather than formal terms and phrases.

The report adds: “Directly beneath that, the page suggests several follow-up questions related to the first one. Under that, it shows typical search results, including links and headlines.”

CNBC revealed that Google is still experimenting, so the final changes could be different.

But it’s clear that Google is ready to deploy AI in a variety of ways that could fundamentally change the core search experience.


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