Should You Use Unhinged Content in Your Social Media Strategy?

23 February 2024

If you have been scrolling through social media over the last year and wondered why brands are jumping on trending memes and publishing risqué, “out there” content, then you will have seen first-hand an interesting type of strategy that prioritises excitement and chaos over everything else.

SaaS SEO: Why You Should Care

20 February 2024

With so many products, tools, and software available, it’s more difficult than ever for SaaS customers to find the right product or service at the right time – especially when they are not always sure exactly how these products will solve their problems.

Marketing News You Need to Know

9 February 2024

Discover why TikTok is the coolest brand for teens, the huge milestone Snapchat has hit, how the Threads algorithm works and so much more in our latest marketing roundup.

Marketing News You Need to Know – 25th Jan 2024

25 January 2024

A weekly roundup of the latest news in the marketing world, and this week we take a look at TikTok introducing longer videos to compete with YouTube, Zoomers being LinkedIn's social champions and more.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

30 November 2023

How many keywords should you use in your content, and how many is too many? These are the questions that creators regularly run into when crafting content for readers and optimising it for search engines such as Google.

TikTok SEO: How to Boost the Visibility of Your Videos

23 September 2023

TikTok SEO is a term that has quickly entered the marketing lexicon, thanks to the incredible success that ByteDance’s short-form video hosting app has enjoyed during the last two and a half years. TikTok now has more than one billion monthly active users, and the average person spends almost an hour and a half browsing the app and watching content every single day. It’s no surprise then that marketers are desperately trying to find ways to uncover the mysteries of the algorithm to get their content seen.

TikTok Is Gen Z’s ‘Keeping up With the Joneses’

6 December 2023

A new survey by business intelligence company Morning Consult found that TikTok is driving consumption patterns for women in their 20s. Three-quarters of Gen Z women use the app regularly, which is more than their male counterparts (62%).

SiGMA Europe Summit 2023: How the iGaming Industry Views AI and its Role in Content Generation

21 November 2023

I've returned to the office after attending the SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta. We had a brilliant time out there, met some great people, and even took some time to enjoy the amazing sights the country has to offer.

TikTok to Allow Users in EU to Switch off Personalised Algorithm

7 August 2023

TikTok is making its personalised algorithm optional in Europe to comply with new privacy rules.

SEO for Product Pages: Seven Tips for Success in Search

28 July 2023

One aspect of SEO content creation that is often overlooked is writing product descriptions. While eye-catching articles and thought leadership-based blogs will generally deliver more engagement.

TikTok Introduces Text-Only Posts to ‘Expand’ Content Creativity

26 July 2023

TikTok is the latest social media app to take a shot at attracting Twitter users after introducing text-only posts.

Threads’ Daily Active User Numbers Are Down 70% From Launch

25 July 2023

Threads is struggling to build on its impressive launch, following a 70% slump in daily active user numbers.

Barbenheimer: The Marketing Duo We Didn’t Know We Needed

19 July 2023

Barbie and Oppenheimer will go head-to-head at the global box office on 21st July in a clash that has sent the internet wild.

Google Starts Public Discussion on How AI Systems Access Web Content

11 July 2023

Google has called for a public discussion on how content is accessed and mined by AI systems, with the view to creating a set of “technical and ethical standards”.

Threads Attracts 30 Million Sign-Ups in the First 24 Hours

7 July 2023

Meta will launch its Twitter rival app, Threads, on Thursday.

Meta to Launch Twitter Rival, Threads, on Thursday

5 July 2023

Meta will launch its Twitter rival app, Threads, on Thursday.

Next Goal Wins: The New Normal of Self-Aware Marketing

28 June 2023

The trailer for Taika Waititi’s new film Next Goal Wins was released online in April, prompting discussions of the director’s return to non-franchise cinema after his recent work

TikTok Kills Its BeReal Clone Just Nine Months After Launch

28 June 2023

TikTok is discontinuing its BeReal Clone, TikTok Now, just nine months after launching the feature.

YouTube Is Still the Most Popular Social Media App for Kids

19 June 2023

YouTube is still the favoured content platform for pre-teen children, despite TikTok’s recent surge in popularity.

Nando’s Enjoys TikTok Success With ‘This Must Be the Place’ Video

23 May 2023

Peri-Peri chicken restaurant Nando’s says TikTok has added an extra spice to its content marketing and advertising campaigns in 2023.

Elon Musk Names Linda Yaccarino as Twitter’s New CEO

15 May 2023

Elon Musk has confirmed that Linda Yaccarino will join Twitter as its new CEO.

Google unveils AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) at I/O event

12 May 2023

Google unveiled a new Search Generative Experience (SGE) and “Perspectives” feature at its annual I/O event on Wednesday.

Microsoft Adds ‘Actions’, Visual Answers and History to Bing Chat

5 May 2023

Microsoft has announced several major upgrades to its Bing chatbot and has refined Edge integration.

AI and Its Threat to Authenticity

3 May 2023

Last week, I read an article about a German magazine, Die Aktuelle, which claimed to have conducted the “first interview” with Michael Schumacher since his skiing accident in December 2013.

Google Removes ‘Page Experience’ System From Ranking Algorithm Guide

24 April 2023

In a new update to its documentation, Google has removed references to “page experience” and “mobile-friendly” from its ranking systems page.

Mastodon’s Active Users Slump as Creator Admits It’s ‘Difficult to Grasp’

19 April 2023

While jumping ship from Twitter and using an open-source, self-hosted social networking service seemed like the best choice after Elon Musk’s buyout, not many have been able to stick with it.

Instagram Adds New Trending Tool and Insights Analytics to Reels

17 April 2023

Instagram has added new trending and insights tools to Reels to help creators drive more engagement from the short-form video feature.

Three-Star and Lower Online Reviews Disastrous for Trust Levels, New Study Finds

13 April 2023

The importance of online reputation management for brands has been laid bare in a new study published by Go Fish Digital.

Chipotle’s New Menu ‘Hacks’ Highlight the Power of Viral TikTok Videos

6 April 2023

Chipotle may have started a new digital marketing trend by adding TikTok food “hacks” to its menu, as well as incorporating viral user-generated content into its long-term social media strategy.

Elon Musk Overtakes Barack Obama as Most-Followed Twitter Account

31 March 2023

Elon Musk now has the honour of being the most-followed person on Twitter, after surpassing Barack Obama’s seemingly insurmountable count on Thursday.

Nutter Butter Strikes Gold on Instagram With ‘Unhinged’ Content Strategy

28 March 2023

Cookie brand Nutter Butter is the latest company to enjoy success on social media this year with an “unhinged” strategy featuring weird and offbeat content.

Meta Launches Paid Verification Service in the US

20 March 2023

Meta has launched its paid verification service for Facebook and Instagram in the US, following a successful trial in Australia and New Zealand.

OpenAi to Launch ‘Multimodal’ Gpt-4 This Week

14 March 2023

Are you ready for another AI chatbot revolution?

TikTok’s New Keyword Insights Tool Helps Brands Create Targeted Content

10 March 2023

TikTok has added a new Keyword Insights tool to remove what it claims is one of the “biggest obstacles” to crafting high-quality video and ad content.

Cocaine Bear: A Marketing Marvel as Memes Make $53 Million

7 March 2023

Even if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the cinema for the most talked about horror film of the year, you might have spotted a unique marketing strategy trending on social media platforms.

Small Car Body Shop Becomes TikTok Sensation Using ‘Unhinged’ Content

3 March 2023

A small car body shop in Fort Lauderdale has become a TikTok sensation and generated more than 50m views in just a week after using an unhinged content strategy featuring viral feline Maxwell the Cat.

Has Last Year’s Breakout Social Media App BeReal Lost Traction With Users?

23 February 2023

Has BeReal had its moment?

Over Half of College Students Prefer Using TikTok Over Search Engines for Homework Help

23 February 2023

TikTok’s evolution into a search engine continues to gather pace after a new study found a majority of college students use the app to enter queries for assistance with school work.

Twitter Blames “Bad Actors” for New Text-Authentication Fee

22 February 2023

Twitter is now charging users to receive two-factor authentication (2FA) text messages after claiming it was “scammed” into paying £50m in fees by phone companies last year.

Snapchat Announces 750 Million Monthly Active User Milestone

20 February 2023

Snapchat has announced a surprise surge in user numbers, with 750 million people now using the social media and instant messaging service every month.

Bing’s Search Results Saw Biggest Jump in Relevancy in 20 Years

13 February 2023

Microsoft says Bing recently saw its biggest jump in relevancy in 20 years after applying ChatGPT features to its search engine model.

Twitter Is Now Sharing Advertising Revenue With Eligible Content Creators

6 February 2023

Twitter will start sharing advertising revenue directly with creators as it continues its efforts to court creatives and make the platform a hub for engaging content.

Google Is Testing Desktop Search Results With AI Chat Bubbles

3 February 2023

Google is reportedly planning to launch a newly designed desktop search results page with AI chat bubbles.

TikTok Urges Users to ‘Search It, Learn It’ in Creative New Video Ad

25 January 2023

TikTok’s ambitions to become a new and exciting alternative to traditional social engines have been made official with a new 60-second ad.

I’m Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Marketing Success

25 January 2023

McDonald’s was already one of the most popular and recognisable brands in the world before social media, but it successfully transferred its notoriety to the age of digital media.

Google Says Helpful Content and Link Spam Updates Have Now Fully Rolled Out

16 January 2023

Google has confirmed that the helpful content and link spam updates have finally finished rolling out, around a month after they launched.

Two-Thirds of Companies Expect to Increase SEO Budgets in 2023

3 January 2023

Two-thirds of B2C and B2B companies are planning to increase their SEO budgets in 2023, according to a new study from NP Digital.

Google Tests More Natural and Intuitive ‘Search in Video’ Feature

20 December 2022

Google continues to expand the ways people can find content, with a new audio-based video search feature that is currently being tested in select regions.

Wordle Is Google’s Most Searched for Term of 2022

12 December 2022

It has been a year of tumultuous world events but Google’s most searched term in 2022 is for a simple online word game that quickly became a part of people’s daily routines.

Google Says ‘Terrible’ Pillar Pages Can Be Disastrous for Search Rankings

5 December 2022

Improving the quality of the “most important” pages on a website should be the top priority for SEOs, according to Google’s search engine expert, John Mueller.

Mark Zuckerberg Says Social Media, Not Metaverse, Still the Top Priority

2 December 2022

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has refuted claims that it is focusing too heavily on the metaverse, after revealing 80% of its investments are being made in its “core” business.

Twitter to Launch Blue, Gold and Grey Ticks for Verified Accounts

28 November 2022

Twitter will use a new multi-coloured verification system when it relaunches check marks later this week.

TikTok’s ‘Audience Insights’ Helps Content Creators Target New Audiences

18 November 2022

TikTok is helping content creators and advertisers target different demographics and new audiences with the launch of a new insights tool.

What Is Mastodon and Could It Potentially Replace Twitter?

14 November 2022

Mastodon, a decentralised social media platform, revealed earlier this week that it now has more than one million active monthly users.

Should You Include ‘Unhinged’ Content in Your Social Media Strategy?

8 November 2022

If you have been scrolling through social media recently and wondered why brands are jumping on trending memes and publishing risqué, “out there” content

Google Recommends Creating Content That Matches ‘Expertise’ and ‘Passion’

7 November 2022

Google’s SEO expert John Mueller has urged content creators to target keywords that match their “expertise” and “passion”, rather than focusing on search volume.

TikTok Continues to Gain Ground as a News Content Source for Adults

4 November 2022

The number of people using TikTok to consume news content continues to grow, according to a new report from Pew Research Center.

Marketers to Prioritise New Strategies and Modernising Tech in 2023

2 November 2022

Experimenting with new strategies and using cutting-edge technologies and tools to drive reach and engagement is at the top of the agenda for marketers in 2023.

Seos Prioritised Technical SEO and Keyword Research in 2022, Study Finds

31 October 2022

SEO professionals spent the most time conducting keyword research and implementing technical SEO this year, according to a new study released by Search Engine Journal.

Google Makes ‘Site Names’ More Prominent in Mobile Search Results

17 October 2022

Google has started rolling out a new update for mobile search that makes “site names” more prominent in results to help users more easily identify websites.

Elon Musk Given Time to Close $44BN Twitter Deal as Legal Action Paused

10 October 2022

Elon Musk says he intends to finally complete his $44bn Twitter takeover after a long-running battle between the two parties took another turn late last week.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

5 October 2022

The benefits of social media marketing are well documented. Managing accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al can increase your brand awareness.

BeReal Could Add Paid Features to Avoid the Use of Advertising

21 September 2022

BeReal is reportedly planning to launch paid features to avoid introducing advertising on the platform, following its recent surge in popularity.

Instagram Confirms It Is Testing New Repost Feature

12 September 2022

Instagram is testing a new “repost” feature that allows users to share content they like in their feeds.

Twitter Finally Tests an Edit Button but It’s Only for Twitter Blue Subscribers

5 September 2022

Twitter users will soon be able to make changes to tweets for a short time after publishing them, following the introduction of a new “edit” button.

Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ Algorithm Update Introduces New Sitewide Signal

24 August 2022

A major shakeup of Google’s algorithm will take place this week with the launch of a new “helpful content” update that aims to reward publishers who create blogs and articles “for people”.

UK Viewers Now Watch More Than Five Hours of Video Content Every Day

18 August 2022

People in the UK spend more than five hours watching video content every day across all devices, amid a rise in the popularity of short-form clips on social media.

TikTok One of the Most Popular Social Media Apps Amongst US Teens, New Report Suggests

12 August 2022

TikTok is now one of the top social media platforms for teenagers and the second most popular app overall in the US.

Google’s John Mueller Says It’s Best to Replace Internal HTTP Links

4 August 2022

Google has urged webmasters to “always try” to fix internal links when migrating from an older HTTP site to a newer HTTPS one.

Instagram U-Turns on Big Video Update After Online Backlash

1 August 2022

Instagram’s push to bring a TikTok-style makeover to its app has backfired after scores of celebrities, influencers and online users criticised its latest update.

Twitter Aims to Boost Engagement in Communities With Top Hashtags Feature

27 July 2022

Twitter wants to increase engagement with topics in Communities after adding a new top hashtags feature to its app.

r/Marketing: How Businesses Can Nail Marketing on Reddit

27 July 2022

Reddit is a platform with more than 430 million monthly active users, 130,000+ active communities and daily traffic numbers that top both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why Everyone is Talking About TikTok as a Search Engine

25 July 2022

The rise of TikTok as a search engine.

Facebook’s New ‘Home’ Feed Uses Machine Learning for Personalised Content

25 July 2022

Facebook is now using its machine learning ranking system to deliver personalised content to users on a new ‘Home’ page.

Young Teens Are Turning To Instagram and TikTok for News, Ofcom Study Finds

21 July 2022

Young teenagers now prefer to use Instagram and TikTok to get the latest news, rather than traditional channels like the BBC and ITV, new research from Ofcom shows.

Google Targets Search Revolution as Gen Z Turns to TikTok and Instagram

14 July 2022

Google’s position as the world’s most popular search engine could be under threat as younger users turn to popular social media apps to conduct queries instead.

UK’s New Internet Law Wants Search Engines to Tackle Disinformation

6 July 2022

Search engines and social media sites will be required to tackle “state-sponsored disinformation” in the UK as part of a new online safety bill.

Only 56% Of Tech Experts Expect Metaverse to Be ‘Fully-Immersive’ by 2040

4 July 2022

According to a new study by thinktank Pew Research, only 56% of technology experts and business leaders believe the metaverse will be a “well-functioning aspect of daily life” within 20 years.

Eight Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Steve Jobs

29 June 2022

Steve Jobs remains one of the most recognisable names and faces in tech, after spearheading Apple’s transformation from a struggling personal computer business.

Three-Quarters of B2C Marketers Say ‘Conversational Marketing’ Is Effective

24 June 2022

Three-quarters of B2C marketers are now achieving success with a customer-centric, conversational approach to campaigns, a new study from Spectrm has found.

Just Do It: Why Nike Is a Marketing Leader

23 June 2022

Nike’s marketing and advertising campaigns are among the most memorable and recognisable in the world.

Meta Launches ‘Avatars Store’ With Digital Clothes on Facebook and Instagram

20 June 2022

Meta’s recent metaverse push continues with the launch of a new “Avatars Store” on Facebook and Instagram, which will enable users to buy digital clothes.

TikTok Has Major Influence on Customers’ Purchase Journeys, Study Finds

17 June 2022

TikTok is the primary destination for consumers to research products they want to buy, according to a new study that takes a closer look at how the social media app supports buyer journeys.

Why Ryan Reynolds Is a Marketing Genius

16 June 2022

Ryan Reynolds is one of the highest-paid actors in the world. His 30-year career has grossed more than $5bn at the box office.

B2B Marketers Turn To Emotionally Driven Content to Engage Buyers

13 June 2022

B2B marketers are using emotionally driven content to engage leaders and decision-makers amid a broader pivot to brand building to drive long-term growth.

The Rise of TikTok as a Search Engine

7 June 2022

TikTok exploded onto the scene with perfect timing, filling the hole that Vine left (RIP), after it was purchased by Twitter.

Elon Musk Claims ’Right to Terminate’ $44BN Twitter Takeover

7 June 2022

Elon Musk says he has the “right to terminate” his Twitter takeover if the social media company is not more forthcoming on details about its user base.

Google’s New ‘Algorithmic Improvement’ Rewrites Multi-Language Titles

6 June 2022

Google has updated its algorithm again but this time to tweak titles that are written in a different language to the main body of content.

Meta to Notify Facebook and Instagram Users About New Privacy Policies

30 May 2022

Meta will soon notify Facebook and Instagram users about an update to its privacy policies which will be “easier to understand” and clearer about how users’ data is processed.

Google Begins Rolling Out May 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update

27 May 2022

Google announced on Wednesday (25 May) that it has started rolling out the first broad core algorithm update of the year.

Twitter Launches New Ad Campaign for Live Audio Format ‘Spaces’

20 May 2022

Twitter says its live conversation format, Spaces, can drive follower growth by 17% in just three months, as it begins a new promotional campaign for audio content on the platform.

31st Anniversary: The Similarities Between Wayne’s World and Influencer Marketing Today

19 May 2022

Starting as a recurring sketch on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Wayne’s World became such a hit that it was turned into a feature length film.

Cyber criminals using SEO to plant malicious PDFs on search engines

11 May 2022

Cyber criminals are using black hat SEO tactics to rank malicious files in search engine results and target unsuspecting users.

Duolingo’s Rise to TikTok Success

10 May 2022

Duolingo’s explosion on TikTok, where it regularly draws millions of views per video, is a prime example that for showcases the influence of social media.

Organised and Proactive Marketers Are Much More Likely to Report Success

10 May 2022

Marketers who document their content creation and SEO strategies, and proactively plan campaigns are much more likely to achieve success.

LinkedIn Updates Algorithm to Promote ‘Relevant and Productive’ Content

9 May 2022

LinkedIn is overhauling its ranking algorithm to reduce the number of low-quality posts and polls, and serve more content from thought leaders and industry experts on the platform.

Meta Launches New Tools to Help Small Businesses Nurture Leads

6 May 2022

Meta will allow businesses to direct new leads to “exclusive, relevant” content on the platform as part of new wave of updates designed to help smaller enterprises.

Why Content Makes or Breaks Your SEO Strategy

5 May 2022

Content marketing and SEO are two different strategic marketing processes but both are enhanced when they work in tandem to serve customer’s needs.

Majority of Marketers Unconcerned About Musk’s $44bn Twitter Takeover

3 May 2022

Six in 10 marketers are not concerned about Elon Musk’s $44bn deal to buy Twitter, despite his intentions to make big changes to unlock its “extraordinary potential”.

Google Opens up Requests to Remove Personal Info From Search

29 April 2022

Google is beefing up its privacy policies after giving personal users the ability to request the removal of sensitive information such as phone numbers and home addresses from search results.

A New Social Media App, BeReal, Focusing on ‘Authenticity’ is Rising in Popularity

28 April 2022

There is a new kid on the social media block and it’s capturing the attention of millions of new users who want a more grounded experience.

‘High Maturity’ Brands Collaborate Regularly With SEO Professionals

28 April 2022

Collaborating with SEO professionals is key to improving rankings in search and is a sign that a company has a “high maturity” approach to optimisation.

Meta Study Finds ‘Seamless’ Landing Pages Boost Conversions

27 April 2022

Creating a “seamless” landing page experience on Facebook is the best way to increase conversion rates, according to a new whitepaper.

Elon Musk Vows to Make Twitter ‘Better’ After Striking $44bn Deal

26 April 2022

Twitter has officially accepted a $44bn offer from Elon Musk to purchase the social media site.

99% Of Search Results Are Now ‘Spam Free’ Says Google

25 April 2022

Google says 99% of search results are now “spam free”, after it made further improvements to the machine learning systems.

Instagram Tweaks Algorithm to Serve More ‘Original Content’

22 April 2022

Instagram wants to give “original” content creators the credit they deserve, after announcing plans to update its ranking algorithm to serve more authentic images and videos to users’ feeds.

Snapchat to Convert Publisher’s Content Into ‘Dynamic Stories’

13 April 2022

Snapchat has launched a new Dynamic Stories feature that will create and serve a publisher’s news content automatically to users on the social media app.

Just 26% Of Marketers Trust Their Audience Data per Latest Nielsen Report

13 April 2022

Generating brand awareness is the primary objective for marketers but connecting with the right audiences remains a challenge.

Elon Musk Proposes Twitter Blue Changes After Buying $3bn Stake

7 April 2022

Elon Musk wants to overhaul Twitter’s premium subscription service with a cheaper price, cryptocurrency payment options and no advertising.

Pogo-Sticking in SEO: What Is It?

7 April 2022

Pogo-sticking is an SEO term that describes the brief flurry of activity where a user clicks on a web page in search results and then quickly returns to search results to click on a different page.

Google Adds ‘Highly Cited’ Label to Unique Content in Search

1 April 2022

Generating backlinks for “unique” stories could now be even more beneficial for publishers after Google confirmed it will be adding a new “highly cited” label.

How Do Hashtags on Instagram Work?

30 March 2022

Instagram is all about posting your best images and videos to boost brand awareness.

Elon Musk Wants to Create a New Social Media Platform

30 March 2022

Elon Musk says he wants to create a new social media platform that “rigorously adheres” to free speech principles.

What is Nostalgia Marketing?

25 March 2022

Nostalgia marketing is among a new wave of “emotional” marketing techniques that in the face of cold, hard-sell advertising, instead looks to connect with consumers authentically

Google’s Search Updates Have Cut ‘Irrelevant’ Results by 50%

25 March 2022

Google says the thousands of updates it has made to Search every year since 2015 have helped it to reduce the number of irrelevant results shown to users by more than 50%.

Yoast Says Fix for Sitemap Bug in WordPress Is on Its Way

23 March 2022

Yoast says it is working on a fix for a duplicate sitemap bug within its plugin for WordPress after a marketer discovered the issue and tweeted about it on Monday.

Meta Launches New Parental Controls for VR Headsets

22 March 2022

Meta is making virtual reality (VR) experiences safer for teenagers, with the launch of new tools for its Oculus headset.

Google Launches ‘Related Search for Content’ Feature in Adsense

18 March 2022

Google is giving publishers more ways to create “useful search experiences” and increase on-site engagement with the launch of a new ‘Related Search for Content’ ad unit for its AdSense program.

Twitter Adds Alt Badge and Text Descriptions for Images

16 March 2022

Twitter is testing new features that will make content posted on the platform more accessible for people with vision impairment.

Internal Link Building is ‘Super Critical’ for SEO, Says Google

14 March 2022

Webmasters should use internal links to point to content and pages that they “care about the most”, rather than just using them for establishing basic site navigation, Google says.

Content Quality and SEO Are Top Tactics for Success, Study Finds

11 March 2022

Improving the quality of content and implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) are two of the three top tactics that are helping content marketers to succeed, according to a new report from Semrush.

SEO vs. PPC: Which Is Best for Your Business?

8 March 2022

When trying to increase the visibility of content in Google’s search results, marketers have two primary tactics to choose from – search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Google Completes Page Experience Update Rollout for Desktop

7 March 2022

Google has confirmed that the rollout of the page experience update for desktop searches has been completed ahead of schedule.

Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing

2 March 2022

This ultimate guide to B2B marketing will look at how the process differs from B2C marketing, detail how business buyers have unique habits and behaviours.

Google’s Core Web Vitals Can Improve Rankings, Not Indexing

26 February 2022

Optimising web pages based on Google’s Core Web Vitals can improve rankings in search but it won’t get pages indexed and crawled more quickly, according to John Mueller.

Google Says E-A-T Not Scored but Does Influence Search Rankings

23 February 2022

Google has revealed that content is not scored directly for its expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Three-Quarters of SMEs Say SEO Will Be a Top Priority in 2022

21 February 2022

Three-quarters of businesses are making SEO a top priority this year, but coming up with an effective strategy remains a blind spot for many.

The Rise of Wordle: How Brands Are Joining the Hype

15 February 2022

Wordle, a simple daily online word game, has taken the online world by storm and become a part of popular culture and a fixture in social media news feeds in a matter of weeks.

YouTube to Add Insights for Creators, New Shorts Features in 2022

14 February 2022

YouTube has promised to add new features to its Shorts video format, a range of fresh shopping capabilities and new analytics insights for content creators as part of its roadmap for 2022.

How to Use TikTok for Business

10 February 2022

TikTok is offering marketers new and exciting ways to engage with audiences through short-form videos.

Google’s Buying Guide Test Could Be an Opportunity for Content Marketers

9 February 2022

Google has started using snippets of editorial content in a new “Buying Guide” feature in mobile search results to help buyers find out more about products.

SEO Content Creation in 2022: A Complete Guide

8 February 2022

There is no search engine optimisation (SEO) without content, and in today’s digital-first business world, there should be no content produced without SEO in mind.

Screaming Frog Integrates Google’s New API for Better Website Audits

7 February 2022

Screaming Frog has integrated Google’s new URL inspection API into its software and added seven new auditing filters.

Apple Made Biggest Gains in Search Engine Visibility in 2021

4 February 2022

Apple and Walmart made the biggest gains in search engine visibility in 2021 as brick-and-mortar retailers invested in SEO to boost their online presence, a new study by Searchmetrics has found.

Can Too Many Links in Your Articles Harm Your SEO?

4 February 2022

Link building is one of the most important search engine ranking factors.

Google Rewrites 61% Of Page Titles, New Study Finds

2 February 2022

Google rewrites 6 out of every 10 page titles to make them more relevant for searchers, according to a comprehensive new study by SEO tool provider, Zyppy.

Instagram Adds New Profile Banner for Scheduled Live Videos

28 January 2022

Instagram is making it easier for marketers to raise awareness of upcoming live video streams with a new banner feature in profiles.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

21 January 2022

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing activity where a publisher is rewarded by a retailer for referring customers.

B2B Marketers ‘Short on Time’ Due to Focus On Content Creation

21 January 2022

B2B marketers are struggling to optimise blogs and videos for SEO and undertake other valuable tasks because content creation is taking up 82% of their time, a new study by Casted has found.

Press Release: Purpose and Guide

19 January 2022

A press release is a concise and informative official statement about a news story delivered to the media.

Google Adds Page Experience Desktop Report to Search Console

19 January 2022

Website owners can now start testing their pages based on Google’s “good page experience” criteria, after the search giant added a new desktop section in Google Search Console on Monday.

Google Says Its Official SEO Guidance Can Sometimes Be Outdated

17 January 2022

Google has urged website owners to seek out recommended best practices for SEO from different sources after admitting that its own help documents are not always updated regularly.

LinkedIn Expands Live Events with New Audio Rooms

14 January 2022

LinkedIn says the number of Live Events on its app has increased 150% during the last year and it is catering to greater demand from businesses.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be In 2022?

13 January 2022

Writing and publishing blog posts regularly will boost your visibility and rankings in search engines, get more people sharing and linking to your content.

Google’s Page Experience Update for Desktop to go Live in February

12 January 2022

Google has confirmed that the desktop version of its page experience update will go live next month and take around two months to fully roll out to all sites and searches.

Tool Review: Moz

11 January 2022

This Moz review takes an in-depth look at the “proven” solutions offered by the SEO tool, which include keyword research, backlink analysis and site audits.

Poor Website Sections Could “Pull Down” Higher Quality Content, says Google

10 January 2022

Having a low-quality section of a website indexed and ranked can “pull down” higher quality content published elsewhere and have a negative impact on SEO, according to Google.

Six Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

1 January 2022

It’s that time of the year again when marketers are looking to the future and considering how they can incorporate new trends and tactics into their strategies.

Optimising Your SEO for the Festive Season

15 December 2021

The festive season is a perfect opportunity to refresh your SEO strategy after a long year, and ahead of a new one in January.

How Much of Your Marketing Budget Should You Spend on SEO?

10 December 2021

Zero-click searches are defined as those that satisfy the search intent of a user through information delivered at the top of the search engine results page.

Zero-Click Searches – What Are They?

23 November 2021

Zero-click searches are defined as those that satisfy the search intent of a user through information delivered at the top of the search engine results page.

What is Content Marketing?

4 November 2021

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing based around the distribution of high-quality content.

A/B Testing for SEO

1 November 2021

A/B testing for SEO is a process where you compare two different versions of a web page concurrently to determine which one performs better.

What is Inbound Marketing?

18 October 2021

Inbound marketing is a strategy that aims to attract and engage consumers organically via the publication of useful, added-value content marketing.

Social Media and SEO: Is There a Direct Link?

11 October 2021

While there isn’t always a direct connection between social media and SEO, the two practices regularly work in tandem to indirectly increase your brand visibility.

Ten Simple SEO Tips You Can Implement Within a Day

30 September 2021

Optimising for search engines doesn’t have to be complex as implementing just a few simple SEO tips can improve your content.

Paid vs Organic Social Media Marketing

13 September 2021

Organic social media marketing refers to the practice of sharing content for free on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn with the aim of engaging followers.

The Big Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Content Marketing

7 September 2021

B2B content marketing strategies are centred around informational articles showcasing expertise that can engage new leads.

The Value of a Strong Internal Link Structure

30 August 2021

A well-executed internal link structure will help Google to discover your content and pass link equity between web pages.

Tool review: Yoast SEO

27 August 2021

This Yoast SEO review takes an in-depth look at how the popular WordPress plugin can be used to optimise content in order to increase engagement.

Duplicate Content – Five Common Myths Debunked

23 August 2021

As the name suggests, duplicate content refers to any content that shows up in more than one place on the internet.

Site Migration and SEO: How to Fix Common Issues

23 August 2021

Site migration is the process of making major changes to a site’s location, structure or design with the aim of successfully transferring search engine signals over to the updated site.

What is Multilingual SEO?

13 August 2021

Multilingual SEO is the practice of optimising a website for different languages to rank in international search engines.

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Link Building

6 August 2021

Link building is the process of building links to your content from other websites in order to increase referral traffic.

How do paywalls impact SEO?

2 August 2021

A content paywall can be detrimental to SEO when content is gated entirely, but it is still possible to drive organic traffic to web pages.

How to use Instagram for Business

26 July 2021

You can open a free account and start using Instagram for business to publish original content and promote your brand.

What is Technical SEO?

26 July 2021

Technical SEO is the process of optimising the technical aspects of your website and servers to help search engines crawl and index your pages.

Tool Review: Hootsuite

22 July 2021

Since its launch, Hootsuite has been helping brands make the most of their online presence.

Social Media: How to Convert Followers into Customers

15 July 2021

Generating leads, driving traffic and brand building are among the main objectives for marketers using social media in 2021.

Tool Review: Ahrefs

9 July 2021

This Ahrefs review breaks down everything you need to know about this tool’s core features and how it can help you to build better SEO strategies and content marketing campaigns.

How to Boost Your Visibility with Blog Content

6 July 2021

Blog content can improve your search rankings on Google and Bing organically, which will increase the visibility of your site.

How to Use Social Media For Business

23 June 2021

With a collective global audience of approximately 4.2 billion people, social media is an incredibly valuable marketing outlet.

Google’s Page Experience Update Begins Rollout – How Will it Affect You?

21 June 2021

The Google Page Experience update will see a new range of user-experience based signals rolled into the search engine’s core algorithm during a gradual rollout.

A Beginners Guide to Technical SEO

16 June 2021

Beginner’s technical SEO covers basic tweaks and tactics that can help to optimise your website and servers.

Tool Review: SEMrush

9 June 2021

Cost-effective marketing enables you to maximise your return on investment (ROI) and drive organic traffic to web pages from search.

What are the Most Cost-Effective Forms of Marketing?

4 June 2021

Cost-effective marketing enables you to maximise your return on investment (ROI) and drive organic traffic to web pages from search.

The Best Free Tools for Finding Keywords

18 May 2021

Using free tools to find keywords to include in your content marketing materials and web copy will improve your rankings for important terms and phrases that people search for on Google.

Why Negative Reviews Affect Your SEO

18 May 2021

While receiving negative reviews is not an objective you would intentionally pursue, mixed feedback from customers can actually help your business to build a more credible online and search presence.

A Guide to the Best Mobile Optimisation Practices

11 May 2021

Mobile optimisation is the process of making technical tweaks and changes to your website to ensure that visitors on smartphones and tablets have a great user experience.

Our Top Three Website Structure Tips for SEO

4 May 2021

Implementing some simple website structure tips will help you to declutter your pages and ensure they are linked.

How to Optimise Your Site for International SEO

26 April 2021

International SEO refers to the process of optimising content and web pages to increase your organic search presence in countries and for languages other than your own.

How to Write Meta Descriptions

20 April 2021

Meta descriptions are short snippets of text that summarise what a page is about and are crucial to SEO, as they are often presented in search results below a blue link.

How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis

14 April 2021

Web search engines such as Google use complex tech, including algorithms, to sort through a database of information and present a user with results relevant to a particular query.

How Does Google’s Search Engine Work?

29 March 2021

Web search engines such as Google use complex tech, including algorithms, to sort through a database of information and present a user with results relevant to a particular query.

Google Analytics for Beginners

22 March 2021

Google Analytics is a free data analytics tool used by webmasters and marketers to analyse the behaviour and habits of people that visit a site.

How to Write Content That Consistently Ranks in Google

15 March 2021

Being able to publish SEO content that ranks on the first page of search engines is crucial for increasing your visibility online.

Eight Google Ranking Factors You Need to Optimise For

8 March 2021

Optimising for Google ranking factors such as page speed, domain authority, user experience and links can help your content to feature on the first page of SERPs.

Do Incognito Searches Affect Your SEO?

1 March 2021

People turn to incognito searches to enter queries privately, with the knowledge that their search history won’t be saved afterwards.

The SEO Benefits of Blogging for Your Website

22 February 2021

Google rewards sites that publish a regular stream of written content, which means the SEO benefits of blogging include increased visibility and higher rankings in search results.

Recognising Negative SEO Tactics and How to Fight Them

15 February 2021

Negative SEO refers to any underhand or malicious tactics that aim to sabotage a competitor’s search engine ranking.

Diagnosing and Repairing Your Online Reputation

8 February 2021

Your online reputation is effectively digital word of mouth with feedback, reviews and recommendations having a direct impact on buyer’s decisions both in the B2B and B2C space.

Implementing a Local SEO Strategy for Your Business

1 February 2021

User engagement is measured by any active interaction that a user has on your website, separating itself from the casual browser who finds no real value in what you offer.

Which User Engagement Metrics Influence SEO?

25 January 2021

User engagement is measured by any active interaction that a user has on your website, separating itself from the casual browser who finds no real value in what you offer.

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

11 January 2021

Social media marketing provides every business with the opportunity to cost-effectively reach and engage with millions of customers worldwide.

What Changes Should You Make to Your 2021 SEO Strategy?

21 December 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, it has never been more important to make sure that you have your 2021 SEO strategy ready.

Why Link Building is Vital to Your SEO Strategy

14 December 2020

Link building is the process of acquiring links from external websites to yours; it’s one of the most – if not the most – important components of a successful SEO campaign.

Punching Up With Your PPC Keywords

7 December 2020

Search engine Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the best methods of online advertising.

A Deep Dive into DR

30 November 2020

If you’re working hard to raise the profile of your site on search engines, it’s vital that you understand your domain rating (DR).

The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Pay-Per-Click

24 November 2020

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a method of online advertising that bypasses many of the complexities involved in other forms, to drive traffic directly from a search engine to your site.

Social Media: It’s Important, Here’s Why

17 November 2020

Social media is now the single most effective means of representing your business on a day to day basis.

Why Content Matters

9 November 2020

Content is king has to be one of the most overused phrases in the SEO industry to explain why content matters, but that’s not to say there is no truth behind it.

What is SEO? A Simple Beginner’s Guide

November 4, 2020

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation: a form of digital marketing that aims to push your website to the top of Google’s search results primarily by increasing its organic traffic.